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Detectable Warning Plates

Our cast iron detectable warning plates are the most rugged, easy-to-install DWPs available on the market today. Our one-of-a-kind detectable warning plates feature a unique boltless locking design that makes proper installation a snap. And because they’re made from iron, Deeter Foundry DWPs wear like iron — standing up to decades of abuse from snow plows, foot traffic and Mother Nature.

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4984 Detectable Warning Plate-


Detectable Warning Plate

To meet ADA, ADA-ABA Recommendations

  1. Provide a durable cast iron solution for warning visually impaired people of pedestrian obstructions and hazards.
  2. Available in two modular sizes: 24" x 24" square and 24" x 30" rectagular. When bolted together, plates can be combined for various lengths — most commonly, 2' x 4' and 2' x 5' sections are installed.
  3. Please specify finished installation size when ordering.

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

Modular Flexibility

  • Precision 2-foot square plates
  • Allow easy, accurate tiling
  • Cover large areas with smooth, even seams
  • Radius sections also available

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

Premium Material

  • Low-maintenance cast gray iron
  • Excellent wear resistance — virtually indestructible
  • Cast iron far outlasts competitive substances
  • Natural patina provides ample visual contrast

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

Trouble-free installation

  • Plates easily set in wet concrete
  • Integral lugs ensure solid attachment
  • Cap head screws can be added for extra anchorage
  • Reusable spring lifting clips included

Lasting Form and Function

  • Excellent non-skid characteristics (0.90 coefficient of friction)
  • Highly resistant to snowplow damage
  • Excellent adhesive properties to concrete
  • Attractive natural finish requires no maintenance
  • Optional powder-coated finishes available: federal yellow, optical white, brick red


Installation Instructions

  1. If additional coverage is needed, interlock Detectable Warning Plates together
  2. Use supplied lifting springs and 2’x4’ lumber to lift plates
  3. Pour concrete
  4. Set plates in wet concrete at final position
  5. Remove lifting springs
  6. Press assembly into wet concrete to final elevation
  7. Finish concrete around assembly

Note: Keep wet concrete off of the top surface of the plates at all times.

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

The reusable lifting springs supplied with each order simplify the installation process.

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

4984 Detectable Warning Plate

All dimensions are listed in inches unless otherwise noted.

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